Car Rental Terms at Evorent

In the following lines we'll present the conditions for renting a car from Evorent. By entrusting the vehicle to you, we’ll transfer a commitment on the terms and conditions set forth in the rental contract ranks below, subject to force majeure clause as required by Romanian law. Customers who rent cars are asked to carefully read and confirm acceptance in compliance with all terms and conditions specified on both the website and by signing the rental contract. The customer must meet and comply with all terms of this contract. Any deviation from these terms requires the prior approval in writing from Evorent. The rentee reserves the right not to rent the car to another customer without having to give any explanations.

General terms of rental

Various terms to which we refer are interpreted in accordance with the applicable legislation in Romania, for the rent in general. The rent is personal and cannot be transferred to a third party. You, the User, Customer - means the driver, the paying people mentioned in the rental agreement and the ones who sign the rental contract, they are considered users. We, the company - means "Evorent" Romania. Vehicle - means a passenger car or utility for rent during the agreed rental contract signed by both parties. Destruction - refers to any damage to the vehicle, including damages of glass objects: windshield, mirrors and lights. Theft of vehicle includes vehicle theft or vandalism, accessories theft and attempted theft. Travel abroad - outside Romanian borders, normally prohibited. You can travel abroad Romania only with written authorization from "Evorent". This authorization must be requested at least two days before, excepting the weekend! You are required, with supporting documentation, all the essential information for renting, especially your identity, address, category and date of issued license, and the form of payment for your rent.

Preliminary Conditions of the rental contract
Client Age:

Every driver must have a valid driving license for the rented vehicle, for at least 12 months. He or she must be over 21 years of age (the age required may be higher for some categories).
For people aged up to 25 years will be applied "the young driver fee" of 5 Euro + VAT / day (maximum 10 days charged).
If the driving license of the renter or additional driver is not written in Latin characters, an international driving license is required.
We do not accept copy of driving license, proof of traffic or expired driving license.
The main driver must have a valid credit card. Credit card details will be taken when renting or may be added during the booking process, to speed up the rental process.
Usually, the rented vehicle is provided only for the person who rented it. If other people are planning to drive, they must be present at the time of rental to be added to the rental agreement, with the obligation to present a driving license held for at least one year. Any additional driver must meet the requirements relating to minimum age.
Only the persons mentioned in the contract are entitled to drive the rented vehicle. For each additional driver, an extra fee of 10 EUR will be charged.

Documents required:

1. ID card or passport
2. Valid driver's license, owned for at least 12 months
If there is need for additional checks, the rental office may request other documents (e.g. return flight ticket, accommodation confirmation, etc.)
If there is an additional driver, it must present an ID / passport and driving license; also the additional driver(s) must be present at the time of the rental and will be stated in the contract.


You will be asked at the beginning of the rental for a payment equal to the invoice amount for rent, plus the returnable deposit.
Whatever the means of payment used, the company reserves the right to conduct any necessary checks and approve or refuse to rent. Rental cost is calculated in Euro. Any payment made in convertible currency is calculated according to the current exchange rate.
The deposit depends on the category of vehicle rented and the insurances which are relinquished. These are intended to cover damage suffered by the user through damage or theft of the vehicle. Its value is specified on the rental agreement at the time of rental.
If the user is not exempted from the tax (theft and / or damages), the entire guarantee will be called, depending on the category of vehicle rented, as specified in the rental contract.
The deposit should cover the company for any damage caused by the renter, or theft of the vehicle (subject to contractual waiver specified below).
If there is no damage and / or no theft, the deposit actually paid shall be refunded at the end of rental, or within 10 days for detailed controls.

Check-in and check-out:

The check in and check out of the vehicle is free of charge and is made by our staff at any time of day or night in Bucharest and Otopeni Airport. Exceptions to this are legal holidays.

The vehicle:

We will attach to the contract, a document that describes the state of the vehicle. It will specify in writing any visible damage taken before handing the rented car. Otherwise we will consider that we rent a vehicle according to the statement.
We are unfortunately unable to accept applications for visible damage not reported at the time of departure.
You must return the vehicle in the same condition. Any costs caused through any differences between the check-in and check-out will be added to the cost of rent.
Fuel is not included in the price and is the responsibility of the customer. The car is delivered with minimum ¼ diesel or petrol, and should be recovered in the same condition. The differences for the lack of fuel indicated on board are paid by the customer at a price of 1.5 euro \ liter. Oil and vehicle maintenance is the owner's obligation.

How to use the vehicle:

You must never drive the vehicle elsewhere than Romania without written authorization.
In accordance with the principle of personal sanctions, you are responsible for the crimes committed during the rental. Consequently, you are informed that your data may be disclosed to state authorities (police, courts, etc.) if requested.
You agree to use the vehicle in a prudent and reasonable manner, and in particular without being under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other substances that may be detrimental to your driving ability, according to the laws on public roads as stipulated in the Romanian Code, and in accordance with the purpose of using that for a passenger vehicle, which means mainly the transport of people on a free basis, as well as a utility vehicle, primarily for the carriage of goods.
The car will be driven only on marked national or European roads. It is forbidden to drive the rented car on unmarked unpaved country roads, woods or forest roads.
The user will always keep his keys and registration on when not in the rented car, and will not entrust them to another person not included in the car rental contract. You should never leave your car unoccupied with the keys in the ignition. Failure to return keys makes invalid the present insurance for theft. When you park your vehicle, even for a short stop, you commit yourself to block / properly secure the vehicle and use the alarm and / or anti-theft that are mounted on the vehicle.
The user will not make repairs to the rented car himself, only in authorized garages and only with the consent and under the instructions of the owner. Payment shall be refunded based on the invoice issued on behalf of the owner, together with the estimate of repairs. Also the client agrees to temporarily accept the change of the vehicle for performing periodic reviews or urgent interventions.
User shall use the rented vehicle in accordance with instructions for use of the rented vehicle issued by the manufacturer.

You cannot use the rented vehicle

To re-rent;
To carry passengers for a fee;
To carry passengers in addition to the number mentioned on the registration certificate of the vehicle. To take part in rallies, competitions, wherever located;
To give driving lessons;
To push or tow another vehicle (except vehicles with tow bar - maximum load 1000 kg);
On roads unsuitable for motor vehicles, on area or state that involve risks for tires or vehicle parts;
Committing a felony with intent.
Goods and luggages carried in the vehicle, including packaging and storing them inside the vehicle must not cause damage to the vehicle or its occupants. Do not in any case transport goods and suitcases outside the vehicle, except as provided by features in this sense and only in size and weight specified.
In case of damage and theft, must send to the company as soon as possible the accident report or the report received from the authorities, along with the keys and vehicle documents. If the customer cannot provide the documents issued by the Police, the customer shall bear all costs of the event.
The client is also agreeing to protect the interests of the owner in the event of accident, theft or damage to the vehicle by performing all the necessary legal steps and obtaining personal data and addresses of witnesses and implicated persons.
We would like to draw attention to dimensions of commercial vehicles that require special attention for certain maneuvers (e.g. reversing) and can be impossible to use on some roads (tunnels, bridges, etc.), for which the maximum height is listed on the signs , in accordance with law.
During the rental, depending on the mileage, you will be required to make regular inspections (level of oil over 1000 miles, tire pressure, etc.) in accordance with reasonable and prudent use. The user will also be alert to any warning lights on the dashboard of the vehicle, and will take all necessary protective measures, being also required to notify the company in the shortest time.
The vehicle is equipped with five tires to meet requirements relating to traffic laws. In case of damage to one of the tires different from regular wear, latent defects or force majeure, you commit yourself to immediately replace the tire at your own expense with a tire of the same size, type, brand and wear.
In the event of mechanical breakdown or accident, you are given assistance service, included in the rental price.
If the damage is not the client's fault and the car cannot be repaired immediately, the company must replace the vehicle (subject to availability). If the vehicle cannot be replaced, the customer will be refunded the cost of the time that the vehicle could not be used.
In case of vehicle replacement, we will complete a new check in sheet. If the optional insurances are no longer available, or traded vehicle is in a higher class, the client shall pay the optional insurances, or the differences.
The Company is not responsible for losses suffered by the client in case of failure or damage to the vehicle, except for authorized expenses for repairs.
From car delivery, up to its repossession, the company is exempted from liability for damages caused to third parties by the vehicle rented to the client.

Length of Rental:

User agrees to return the company car on the date specified in the rental contract. A rental contract must have a maximum duration of 30 days, including extensions. For rental periods greater than 30 days a long term rental contract must be signed.
Rental duration will be determined by indivisible periods of 24 hours from the time the vehicle is provided. You are allowed, however, a tolerance of 59 minutes before applying a new period of 24 hours. If is delayed for more than 1(one) hour, the customer shall pay the fee set for another day. Rental extending can be done by setting an appointment with an Evorent agent and signing a new contract extension.
Delivery and return of the rented car is at the place, date and time mentioned by the client in the car rental contract without cost or additional charges across Bucharest and Otopeni Airport.
Car delivery and collection can be done at other locations in the country with the owner acceptance and based on an agreed price. Rented vehicle will be delivered to the client in good overall condition with no visible or hidden defects, any information on the conditions of presentation of the car, beeing made in the contract. Customer will return the rented vehicle with documents, accessories and equipment at the place, date and time specified in the contract for rental cars. In case of announced delays of up to an hour, no additional charges are applied.
At the expiration of the rental contract, it becomes invalid if not otherwise agreed. If the vehicle was returned without keys, replacement cost and recovery of the vehicle will be covered by the customer.
The company bears no responsibility for property left in the vehicle at the end of the rental contract. Cessation of the rental period is considered to occur at the return of the vehicle, along with its keys and documents. And the restitution of the vehicle is effective upon signing the check out sheet by the company and the user.
Caution: Only transfer of possession of the vehicle, documents and keys to the agent, assumes termination of rental contract.
Exceptions: If the vehicle is confiscated or seized, the rental contract can be terminated as soon as the company is informed by, judicial authority or by the user.
Any use of the vehicle to the detriment of the company causes contract resiliation by the society.
At the deadline stipulated in the rental contract, the company reserves the right to pick up the vehicle without a subpoena or notice, if he did not ask the company to extend the rental or if it was not accepted.

Applied guarantee fees aren’t refunded to the client, and he responds and agrees to indemnify for any costs or loss of value caused by:

1. Improper exploitation or incorrect maintenance of the rented car as well as damage to the engine, gearbox or differential due to lower oil level or overheating;
2. Damage to tires and tubes caused by low pressure driving, or with too much pressure, punctures, impact with sharp objects or explosion;
3. Damage due to overloading electrical system components, electrical system damage of any nature;
4. Damages of any kind caused to the rented car as a result of driving on flooded roads;
5. Damage on any subsystems or components of the car as a result of reliance on traffic rules and traffic safety rules and rules relating to the carriage of luggage and their arrangement in transit and due to its overload;
6. Damages produced to banquets, carpet, upholstery and other interior elements of the car (including shedding of soft or alcoholic drinks), tools and accessories supplied with the vehicle or damages to the spare tire;
7. Car damages as a consequence of its use in competitions, racing or training;
8. Damages to the car if:
* there is no damage document or if there is a document which shows that car damage is the fault of the customer or common fault; franchise Casco;
* The accident was caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances that can affect a driver's ability to concentrate and ability to drive, and while committing other crimes on public roads, although these facts not occurred on public roads or while committing other violations of law;
* Accident occurred, and the author tries to run;
* Theft or attempted theft, unconfirmed by the Police or if the police had not received any complaints about breakage or attempted burglary; if people in the client's family are involved in theft or attempted theft or, in case of legal persons, the delegate.
9. Damages that:
*are intentionally produced or produced by the driver under the influence of alcohol or other substances with hallucinogenic effect;
*are produced as a result of violation of legal provisions, even if the car is not driven on a public road;
*are caused while committing an offense or contravention by the rentee;
*are produced by the driver while attempting to escape arrest or other punishment, not stopping at the police or other authorities;
The rentee is liable also for theft or attempted theft, if it is not communicated to the closest police.
In case the CD player is damaged, a fee of 150 EURO will be retained;
If destruction with scotch tape or other adhesives for bonding of flowers or ornaments on the vehicle’s body, the customer will pay a fee of 50 EUR representing expenses for cleaning and polish treatment service;
If you lose a license plate number, we’ll retain 50 EUR from the guarantee;
If we find cases of misuse of chewing gum, we’ll apply a fee of 10 EUR for each piece of chewing gum stuck to the upholstery or carpets;
If the tires are cut, punctured or other damage, we’ll apply a fee of 75 EUR/piece
If the rims are damaged (scratching, bending or breaking) they’ll be deducted from the warranty 150 EUR / piece aluminum alloy rim, respectively 100 EUR / piece other types of rims.;
In case of the situations listed above, the guarantee or the difference resulting from the payment of damages will be paid after remedying the defects or replacing the equipment.
If a rentee produces an accident, the warranty will be retained. In addition the renter will pay the equivalent of sixty (60) % of the rental fee under the tariff grid during the vehicle unavailability and renewal tax value of the insurance policy resulted from accident.
WARNING: Impact on the top and bottom of the car’s body is not covered by insurance, and is subject to destruction and proof of force majeure.

Insurance for Car Rental:

The car has CASCO insurance, the franchise is between 150 and 1,000 euro’s.
The Insurance works accompanied by the following documents:
*The police report with signature and seal of the police unit;
*Specify whether driving or not drunk;
* Authorization for repair, with agent name and seal of the police unit;
In case of accident, damage or theft must declare it to the police, who will determine the damages and issue the necessary documents.
These documents are indispensable for the insurance and vehicle repair. Without these documents, the client is responsible for the total cost of repairs.
The client / authorized driver is covered by civil liability in case of an accident.
The client / authorized driver can be liable at law for damages that are not covered by RCA insurance. Customer is responsible for damages or theft of the rented vehicle up to a maximum amount. You can check what insurance are included in the rental price at the time of reservation or at the rental counter when you arrive.

Traffic fines:

All traffic fines resulting from the failure of the client to comply to Romanian law will be covered by him, including fines arriving later (ex. radar, parking, etc).
After the expiration of the rental period the client remains responsible for payment of fines or other costs subsequently detected even if the contract has expired.


The courts of the place where the company's principal office is located shall have jurisdiction, to the extent permitted by law, any dispute between the supplier and the user, arising out of this agreement and which cannot be settled amicably.
Customer agrees that any additions or changes to the terms and conditions will be void if not agreed in writing by both parties.

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