Long term car rental at Evorent

Need a car for more than 30 days? Nothing easier! Now you can contact our service for long term rental. You will receive an offer perfectly adapted to your needs at a fair price.
This program is open to both individuals and companies coming as an alternative to operating leases. he maximum term of a rental can last for a maximum period of 12 months, during which time our company will be responsible for complete maintenance of the car (revisions, tire exchange, insurance, road tax, etc...)
We are looking forward for your application, so we can provide a personalized offer.

We present below some advantages of long term rental::

Instant access to any car in the Evorent fleet without much trouble, depending on the availability of the cars and your budget.
The rental price. Depends on the period for which you request a car. As the period of time is higher, the rental price drops.
In long term rental rates, are included: auto taxes, technical assistance, maintenance and annual inspections, replacement car in case of breakdown or accident and seasonally adjusted tires.
As financial advantages to long term rental, compared to leasing (financial or operational) is not being required to pay substantially upfront. The only expense is the monthly rate (the advance requested at financial or operational leasing is 20-30% of the car).
One of the tax benefits also worth mentioned compared to leasing is that the car you rent receives a single invoice which is 100% deductible compared to a leasing bill which is only VAT-deductible.

Do not hesitate to send a request for the desired car. We guarantee the best price and the best service for both long term and short term.
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