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Evorent - Bucharest Car Rent . Welcome to Evorent company site . Welcome to Evorent company site. We offer car rental services at the lowest prices on the market and obviously the best service to meet your needs.

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Rent a car Bucharest - Why choose Evorent ?
The answer is simple; the offers that you receive from us after booking a car are customized and perfectly suited to your needs. We strive every day so that our customers are fully satisfied.

What should I do in order to rent a car? To book a car you have to fill in the online booking form, with all information entered correctly (phone, e-mail, date of check-in and check-out of the car, etc...) After receiving the confirmation request you just need to wait to be contacted by phone or email by an Evorent agent that will explain all the steps necessary to rent a car. It is possible to make a reservation by telephone at +40721 777111 or +40722 321703.

We offer a wide range of cars for rent. Our fleet for car rental Bucharest is composed of both diesel and petrol cars. For us it is very important that our customers benefit from lower operating costs in the rental period, the price of fuel and its consumables is considered for each type of car that joins our fleet. We offer for rent a variety of cars, from compact cars to SUVs, convertible cars and minibuses. For cold weather and for increased safety and comfort we recommend a 4x4 car. For particular needs Evorent provides pickup trucks with or without hardtop 4x4.

When renting, you can choose any of the options we offer. You can choose the rental car to be driven by one or more additional drivers. We offer the possibility to rent a child seat throughout the trip, so your baby is more secure. If you want to enjoy a car navigation system on your rental car, you just need to mention this, and when our agent will give you the car it will be equipped with such a system with the latest maps of Romania. All of this so your experience with us can be an enjoyable one. Depending on the rental season, our cars are equipped with proper summer / winter tires.

Prices displayed on the site for car rentals Bucharest include absolutely all rental fees practiced. There are no hidden fees behind these prices. Casco insurance, tolls (like road tax), RCA insurance, etc... are included in the rental price. Delivery and collection of the car are absolutely free across Bucharest and Otopeni airport (Henri Coanda Airport - OTP). You can benefit from this service any day of the week at absolutely any time of day or night. Evorent fleet cars are not marked in any way with the company's name (logo), telephone number or any stickers. The discretion of our customers is very important to us, so we decided that branding the Evorent cars should not be made in any way.

Upon delivery, you and the Evorent agent will fill the rental contract, and the check in-check out report where all damages (specifics) of the vehicle will be noted. This process takes about ten minutes and was especially chosen to offer our clients maximum transparency. All you have to do is carry your identification and driving license.

Throughout the rental period you have unlimited mileage, leaving you freedom to choose how many miles to drive a rented car from Evorent. We offer one of the most flexible car rental available in Bucharest, the price and the rent terms can be negotiated.

Need to rent a car for more than 30 days? Easy and convenient. In case of long term car rental prices are lower and negotiable. Depending on the rental period you will receive a minimum price. Throughout the rental period, car maintenance remains in our task, as oil changes, consumables (brake pads, filters) and exchanging tires, car insurance, road tax, CASCO insurance etc. One of the substantial benefits of long term rental is that we will not charge upfront all amounts, only monthly expenses.

Our staff is available to advise you with any sort of queries you have about our Bucharest car rental service or concerns related to the brand or type of car you have to choose. We will advise you so that you can make the best choice perfectly suited to your needs.

Our car rental in Otopeni is available 24 hours 7 days a week. Delivery and collection of cars in Otopeni airport is free on any day at any time. We offer new rental cars, perfectly maintained to make your travel a pleasure.

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